What is Marketing?

In Marketing 101, they teach you the 4 P's of marketing: product; pricing; promotion and placement. And while that remains a piece of the marketing puzzle, it really starts first with your brand. Branding (whether yourself, your product or your company) is simply the things that a consumer thinks of when they think of your name - what are called "associations".

The overall goal of marketing is not just to create awareness or even form positive impressions in the consumer's mind regarding your brand. Your marketing should build associations that remind your target audience of why your brand is better; what it is that sets you apart and what they can expect from your brand; from doing business with you. Then, ultimately, to strongly associate your brand to the category you're in (see our "10 Things You Should Know" page to find out more) so that when they think of that product or category, they think of you.

Marketing then is managing your brand. That means all aspects of your company's face to the consumer: your advertising and collateral materials of course, but also your signage, your packaging, your store or office image, your logo, your business card and stationary, your website, your onhold message, your customer service - everything and anything that comes into contact with your customer or prospect. Then focusing on increasing that contact through integrated marketing that is strategically developed and smartly executed to grow your business.

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