Get on board the!

A double-decker bus, like business itself, has two views. From the driver's seat, you only see what's directly in front of you, and if you are the driver, that's all you can be concerned about - the next bump in the road, a fast-approaching curve, the person in front of you.

You know there is a bigger picture. A different, more forward-looking view. It's the upper deck. You've been up there before but you can never stay there long because there's no one else to drive the bus - just you.

In a small business, we are often caught up in the day-to-day. We are responsible for many things and we wear many hats - but usually it's the "bus driver hat". Often times the president or CEO is handling the marketing by his or herself. As a result, she or he is too busy to develop or update a marketing plan, or many times, just too busy to implement it.

On the Bus, we hear this a lot - "I know I should be doing more". We can help you "do more". By moving the marketing responsibilities off your plate and onto the Bus, we'll help you leverage your valubale time while giving your marketing the focus (and boost) that it deserves. Whether your company requires a plan to be seen through from development to execution or just help in implementing a plan that already exists, we have the skills, the resources, the expertise, and the time to make it happen. We'll leave the driving to you - but we'll help you enjoy the view.